The Body Project Challenge

 May 28 (Tuesday)  -  June 6  (Thursday)

A 10-day challenge to cultivate your workout habit and be consistent with effective 30-minute or less workouts that will put your metabolism in overdrive. This is for busy women who want to feel and look their best.

The Body Project Challenge was designed with you in mind!

I am giving you six 30 minute or less super effective, metabolism blasting workouts that require minimal equipment - for FREE!

Whats the challenge? Complete these six workouts in 10 days. Each completed workout gives you a chance to win a cash prize. There are additional ways to earn chances to win. By signing up an d receiving the workouts, you automatically  get one chance.

Once you sign up you will receive the workouts  via email. You will be included in our closed Facebook Group, Midlife Quality Control. During the  10 day challenge post a picture and/or comment of each workout you complete. Tag me @judyarazoza and use the hashtag #TheBody Project. Each post you make is worth another chance to win.

During the challenge I will host a few live chats, viewing them live* gives you another chance. commenting on the live chats anytime will also give you another chance**.  The more chances you have the better your odds of winning are.

*As a host, I can  see who is on live watching. 

The real prize is that you will have cultivate a confident mindset to consistently do effective 30 minute workouts! The benefit of doing regular 30 minute workouts is that you become consistent and the very best way to change your body is with  to consistent training. As a bonus, you get to keep these workouts to do forever!

Here is how it works:

  1. STEP 1:Sign up below for the free challenge and the workouts will be sent to your email on Monday evening, May 27.
  2. STEP 2: Each workout includes a video demonstration; Simply click on the title and you will be taken to the video.
  3. STEP 3: Complete 6 workouts within the 10 days. Post a picture and/or comment in our private FB group Midlife Quality Control, after completing each workout. Make sure to tag me @judyarazoza so I can find them! Your post must also include the hashtag #Thebodyproject. Posts may include a picture of you, your puddle of sweat, or anything associated with the workout you did and/or a brief comment.
  4. STEP 4: Additional chances can be earned by tuning into the live chats in the group. I will announce them ahead of time so that you can clear tune in. they will mainly be at the lunch hour 12:30. Each person who views the live chat gets another chance. Each person who comments on the live chat gets another chance. The live chats will be about topics like be accountability and long term success.
  5. STEP 5: Bonus chances! For each women whom you refer that signs up, you will gain another chance to win! Ps- I already have a spread sheet ready to go, for all these chances! I hope to see your name on it in all the columns!
  6. STEP 6: I will do a random draw after the challenge ends, The winner will get a $100 cash prize! The winner will be announced in the FB group as well as via text message.
I Am Up for the Challenge!

Who is this challenge for?

  • The woman over 40 who has the desire to be more consistent in the gym, with concise workouts that are results driven. All workouts are 35 minutes or less, and  some are less than 20 minutes.

  • This is not a cardio program, yet the workouts have a better effect than doing cardio alone. Many of them will leave you breathless.

  • This is not a powerlifting program, and there is no need for a barbell.

  • The equipment used includes only a few sets of dumbbells and gliders. (A pair of paper plates or furniture glides works well.) We use furniture glides exclusively at our studio.

Let's Do This!

Here is what my clients have to say :

“I am so grateful for the invaluable service you have given me. To say it has changed my life is an overstatement. I feel empowered, and I have never felt better”
“I am just loving the work outs and all your posts and motivation, etc!! Thanks for doing what you do!! So awesome... glad you are helping me!!”
“Judy has helped me so much. It is about keeping the routine.”

The best workout program will do nothing for you if you don’t actually do it.

The goal of The Body Project Challenge is to cultivate a consistent workout habit is the most effective for your body in the least amount of time. You will love these free workouts because they are quick and effective in blasting calories. They are for the woman who needs to see  progress to go forward. These workouts will pump up your metabolism. Although they are not pure cardio, you will for sure be breathless and sweaty at times! Your happy hormones will have you dancing all the way to the shower afterwards!

I Am In It To Win It!

Get your favorite playlists ready, because you are going to rock your socks with these workouts. BTW they are very joint friendly, because our joints are not getting any younger. So don’t worry you won’t be doing endless burpees!

Why 10 days?  Ten days is the sweet spot to get in six workouts (two weeks worth)  and still have a few days built in for to recovery.

One very important research finding makes a pivotal difference in the consistency fitness habits. So we took this finding and built it into this challenge to help you get more wins. The finding is that the A-number one factor in making fitness habits stick support.


Bingo! We are using our private Facebook community, to provide social support.

So while you may not want to broadcast your sweaty selfie or brag about your squats on your public social media pages, you can come to our private page to get and give social support with women like you, who are trying their best to live their healthiest life. (and let’s be honest look the part)


Do I need a lot of equipment or go to a fancy gym?

The only equipment are a few sets of dumbbells, a bench or step, and glides or furniture glides.

Is this joint friendly***?

Yes.The workouts are mostly low impact, but the intensity comes in variation of reps and rest periods. You can always rest as longer if your body needs to.

Do I need to fast or eat before hand?

This is up to you. For a 30 minute or less workout, this is entirely a personal preference. Some people like to eat and have time to digest before hand, others prefer to workout fasted.

Is this ok for menopausal or perimenopausal women***?

100% yes These are your best workout options for changing your body as you head towards get past the hormonal changes that naturally occur towards perimenopause and beyond.

What if I can’t do heavy weights?

These are mostly moderate weight workouts. If you find the exercises to be completely new, you can begin with doing them with body weight.

Will my appetite increase?

Maybe. If it does, that is a great indication that your metabolism is responding well. Honor your hunger and fullness. Follow the 80/20 rule: Eat wholesome minimally processed food to 80% fullness, and enjoy a treat as a special occasion.

***Please check with your doctor to be sure that you are healthy enough for exercise.