Nutrition Habits Challenge Fall 2023!

Learn new habits that drive the results you desire and give you more energy

The Cart Closes on Oct 10th, and the Group Starts Oct 11th!

What it is:

This is a small group concentrated nutrition and mindset program that teaches women how to apply strategies for weight management and body acceptance so that the days of yo-yo dieting and crying while looking in the mirror are over.

What are the benefits?

You will learn how to:

  • Recognize and correct habits that block your progress
  • Eat intuitively for your best body
  • Feel better about how you eat
  • Cultivate a success mindset around body image and food
  • Look in the mirror and feel joy
  • Use the scale without attaching an emotion to the number.
  • Be an expert at habits that drive results
  • Experience emotions without knee jerk reactions like overeating
  • Attend social events without fear of overeating
  • Make progress towards a leaner and healthier body
  • Master the tools and mindset to maintain that healthy lean body

Nutritional guidance, motivational content, group support and accountability strategies are the pillars of this program.

Ten minutes a day is all you need for the habit training that will change how you manage your habits.

The Cart Closes on Oct 10th, and the Group Starts Oct 11th!

Our brain is our biggest barrier to hitting the results we want most. You know like when you rub your hands down your thighs or tummy and like how they feel. Or when you wiggle into your jeans without a problem. It all comes down to attitude and effort. This is good news because we can always control both.

This is a 7 week challenge to retrain your brain. How long does it take to build a habit? It will always take effort and a willing mindset. Our challenge is all about embracing an effective attitude and mindfulness practice.

A members-only FB group for inspirational content and motivation from fellow participants is available and will be how we stay connected.

The group dynamic is the best because all members have access to the group and we all elevate one another. Your question may be asked by someone else, or you may see a question that you didn’t even think to ask, but is really helpful.

Social support has been proven to be the number #1 factor in the long term success of fitness and nutrition behavior outcomes. This dynamic has been well tested, and women who have worked with me in group coaching, have experienced their best ever success without deprivation and crazy fad rules.

As part of this exclusive program, you will get unlimited support.

The Cart Closes on Oct 10th, and the Group Starts Oct 11th!

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