Success Stories

The Strong by Judy Air Hug Community Zoom workouts, which I began the first week that Judy offered them last March, as the lockdown was underway, proved to be my daily motivation and truly got me through those days! I have now been participating in the live Zoom classes ever since, rarely missing one, and I've never been so consistent with an exercise routine. I am in the best shape ever and I'm over 50! Judy is a blessing. The carefully designed workouts for this community are a perfect fit, every single class. Love you, Judy! I'm so thankful for you.
Judy has helped me so much. It is about keeping the routine.
Laura D.
Feel sooooo blessed to have the zoom options and your library of workouts!   Judy and Strong by Judy rocks!! 
Working with Judy Arazoza has been a tremendous blessing. I’ve learned about a balanced diet and lifestyle as well as training like a champ while still being able to live my life as a wife and mother. Judy’s approach to the female body is sensible, knowledgeable and extremely compassionate. I continue to work with Judy as a coach for my own accountability as well as continuing my education and experience as a fitness professional for healthy, fit woman.
Laura (at age 40)
Waking up each morning knowing that I was going to see a friendly face Judy was a lifesaver for me. Judy morning workouts kept my workout routine going through the pandemic. And I gained a whole new group of workout friends that helped start my day right. Judy's advice on nutrition was so valuable it’s helped me keep healthy. Stay strong and healthy
I am a BIG FAN of Strong by Judy!!

Judy has taught me so much over the past 3 years and I am in much better shape than I ever would have imagined! I love the variety of Judy’s workouts, and appreciate the time she puts into creating the workouts! During Covid especially, I have really enjoyed and taken advance of Judy’s live, Zoom workouts as well as Judy’s VAST library of workouts! The library is “filled to the brim” and categorized (Upper Body, Lower Body, Kettle Bells, Body Weights, TRX and even “under 35 min)! The Online Zoom Workouts on Mon/Wed and Fri provide a great way to workout safely from my home, or when I travel AND most of all provides accountability and consistency to never miss a workout! Even post-Covid (🙏🙏), I also know I will continue to use the Live Zooms workouts and appreciate Judy’s flexibility to offer these Zooms along with her in-person workouts! Thank you so much Judy!

In 4 months, I lost 9 inches! 3.5 inches in my belly, 2.5 in my waist, 2 in breasts/back and 1 in upper thighs. Your unique resistant training workouts combined with the TRX and your constant reminders to keep the core and everything tight and the little reminders to add more veggies to my diet have really transformed my body!!! It only translates to a few pounds, which I think in the past I focused more on, but losing inches is amazing, my clothes fit better and I am standing taller and leaner. I am so happy and motivated to keep working out and get stronger and more fit! I am so thankful to have you in my life as my cheerleader, my trainer and my friend.
I am so grateful that I discovered Judy and Strong by Judy online services. Judy has created the most remarkable, beautiful and powerful community of women! Judy is an excellent instructor!! Her drive, motivation, passion, inspiration, and encouraging words of wisdom are so uplifting and always reflect her positive energy! Working with Judy for an entire year now, 6 days a week faithfully, has given me the confidence to always keep a positive mindset and to always be accountable to myself. All of her coaching skills have provided me with the tools needed to accomplish all of my goals! I am now maintaining a strong, healthy, happy lifestyle! And LOVING it!! And will continue to workout with Judy every single day. Thank You Judy!! You are truly the Best!
Just wanted to let you know how excited I am!  It took almost a year but I feel my lower stomach muscles
KS,  Small Group Personal Training Participant

Sooo Grateful to have found Judy and Strong by Judy!!  The Live Zoom workouts are AWESOME!!  The online membership program is so convenient and very easy to navigate.  This has provided me with the opportunity of working out safely   at home, and to being committed, accountable, and consistent!  This has been an Amazing 9 month journey for me!!  Thank You Judy!!

You are AWESOME!!

I want all my friends to know what a great program Judy has !  I wish you all could be a part of this with us!!   Please please please - don’t let gyms close 😢. But if they do I’ll be on Judy’s Zoom class every morning!  I need a few kettlebells if anyone has some to sell ???

Judy’s Zoom COVID workouts were the only organized part of my lockdown days. These were keeping me sane. It was 6 days a week for. 45 glorious minutes of creative fitness routines all FREE! What a gift fir your psyche and your body!! It was a godsend! Thank you Angel Judy !
3 year member
I loved my training experience with Judy. I had always wanted to compete in a fitness competition and when I found her as a coach I was inspired by her experiences in the community and her compassion and empathy as a mother and a wife. I enjoyed the process as I began to see all of my physical abilities grow. I was confident in sticking to the plan… And the plan was always very manageable. It was an empowering, personalized experience. Not only did I receive the support preshow I also received the support post-show which was just as important. Judy has a lifestyle and practice of embracing one’s own strength and empowering one to go beyond their own limits and expectations but also to cheer and embrace the strength of others in their community.

Prior to working with Judy, I jumped on A LOT of diet bandwagons. You name it, I probably tried it…. cleanses, strict restriction diets, pills, I used to commonly joke that my next step would be the coffee and cigarettes diet where I would just drink coffee and smoke cigarettes!!! (I have never smoked) but I was trying to express how desperate I was!! Crazy, huh!

Sooooo…. then came Judy. Here’s this woman who, let’s be honest here, is ripped, happy, and always seems to have all of this energy, says to the group “There are no restrictions “. What?! No restrictions?! What’s the catch, right??

Adopt new behaviors, identify your “Why”, consistency, and PATIENCE. She also shows you how to look at food as fuel, something to enjoy. (it’s not the enemy) Learning to love yourself. Here’s the best part….. ignore the scale!!

Through the process I identified my Why…. my daughter looks up to me as an example … I don’t want her to see me adopting unhealthy behaviors to be skinny as the ultimate result, skewing her body image in the process. Instead, she sees mommy being healthy, happy, strong and confident.

Changing the way I look at my workouts. We’re not in our 20’s anymore so we shouldn’t be working out like a 20-year-old.

I’ve never been in better shape! The variety of exercises that Judy does keeps it fun and exciting everyday!