Strong by Judy

Favorites &
Time Savers


This Bundle Includes seven quick and effective workouts!

The Favorites Package

A series of three workouts that are short and train everyone’s trouble spots in short order.

The Time-savers Package

Each of the four workouts in this package is a major calorie blaster, and each is 22 minutes or less!

These workouts are some of my most requested videos because they eliminate trips to the gym and use minimal equipment.  

These are clearly our most enjoyable videos based on client feedback! 

This a fraction of what you would pay for a single training session or a monthly membership at your local gym. 

Not only that, you can do these at home and cut out the commute and long lines at the gym!

Your shower is right at home as well...Just saying!

Nothing is more convenient than being able to take a shower right after your workout and get on with your day. 😉

Hi, I'm Judy Arazoza!


When I was a young mom I struggled with fitting in stress-relieving workouts. 

A gym membership was out of the questions and long boring cardio was ineffective.

So I did a load of research, became a certified trainer, and applied my health care background to create short and effective workouts to use while I while raised my kids and tended to my elderly parents.

These workouts stand out as our most requested videos,
and the reason is simple:

They work.
They are enjoyable...AND
They require minimal time and equipment.

PS As a reminder, with this deal you will get 6 workouts in total! Three Favorite Body Parts video workouts And Three Time-saver video workouts that each clock in at 22-minutes or less!