HIIT Fit Jumpstart!

HIIT Fit Jumpstart! Your solution to getting past a fitness plateau, BURN more fat and BOOSTING your calories burn at rest. This plan will change your body. This is for the woman who is stuck at a plateau and at a loss for how to break through to making progress.

The TRX Trifecta

Lower Body, Low Anchor
Arms & Chest
Shoulders & Back

Oh Hey!  Plateaus happen, and we have all been there and felt stuck, even with the best of intentions. I created this plan so that you can break out of your rut and get back to feeling better about your workouts,get on with life, and wear your favorite clothes with confidence.

Perhaps you have tried to different workouts thinking they would give a jolt, but you are at a loss for how to write an effective workout.  Or maybe you just decide to run it off and you end up with an insatiable appetite and jeans that don’t fit.  

Now you don’t have to stress over how to get past that nasty plateau. I have taken all the guesswork out  for you.

send me the workouts$27
OR Get HIIT Fit BUNDLED With My TRX Trifecta Program!(Just $47 total for both programs!)

I am Judy, people know me as the Mom next door, who figured out how to master metabolism, and beat the battle of the bulge in her 40’s and 50’s. I took my own fitness to a new level after I could not find a trainer who could get me the sustainable results I was after. Now I spend my days doing the same for women like you who are stuck.

HIIT Fit Jumpstart is just what it sounds like: A fitness jumpstart program to help you break out of a rut.

You will get a 8 week workout plan with 16 different exercises and a calendar to guide so that you always know what do and when.

Included are 16 video demonstrations, on for each exercise. This  program is suitable for intermediate to advanced adult  exercisers of of all ages, with no issues doing occasional high impact moves*.  This plan is delivered via downloadable PDF to you email address. As a bonus, I have included my 8 protein smoothie recipes.

*The majority of these exercises are not high impact. However a  just few of them are.

Why is this your best option?

  • HIIT is proven to be the most effective type of cardio to improve metabolic rate.
  • You will get detailed instruction on how to utilizes HIIT training methods that have worked  extremely for my clients and myself.
  • HIIT training takes less time and burns more calories than steady state cardio.
  • This plan prevents boredom
  • Takes the guesswork out of HIIT
  • You wills spend less time in the gym with better results.
  • Everything is spelled out exactly: how to perform and schedule HIIT training effectively & safely
  • Specific HIIT programs are included
  • Includes video demonstrations for every exercise
  • Weight training days are purposely left open to your choice*. If you want exclusive   weight training sessions for women over 40, head over to our in-person or virtual training page for more resources
  • Bonus: 8 of my most requested protein blender shake recipes
  • While the vast majority of the exercises are not high impact, a few of them are
  • Listen to your body and always, always make safe decisions.

DISCLAIMER: This is not for anyone who has contraindications for occasional high impact exercises, or who can not safely tolerate high heart rate surges followed by recovery periods. Always ask your doctor if you are healthy enough for this type of exercise.


Dumbbells ,a bench, a mat, and supportive training shoes.