Personal Small Group Training Membership!

at the state-of-the-art Grateful Fitness Studio!

with midlife fitness expert Judy Arazoza

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FINALLY! Experience In-Person Small Group Fitness Coaching WITHOUT Feeling like 'Just Another Number

Group Training Programs designed with the individual in mind and supported by the camaraderie of a small, familiar group – all in the comfort a private, state-of-the-art fitness studio

Hey, Judy here!

Training for health and aesthetics gets trickier with age. Random workouts like or mindlessly pumping out reps or spending an hour on a cardio machine do not give the return on investment for our money or time. Worse yet they can actually lead to an increase if fat storage, and injury. Once we hit our forties, workouts must be carefully structured to yield the benefits we desire and decrease the risk of injury.

At this point life is busy, and it makes no sense to waste time and effort on long workouts that don’t actually improve anything.

I was there too with multiple responsibilities that can’t be ignored, like work, family, and finances. We need a training plan that works without sapping time or being gawked at or having to wait for a piece of equipment in one of those big gyms.

Maybe you have tried to do your own workouts, or gone to a young trainer who has no clue what a midlife body needs. Every time you get frustrated and just hop back on the cardio machine or stop exercising altogether.

Maybe it’s the feedback you can get from the trainer in a class setting - knowing that you’re “doing it right”?

Maybe it’s the motivation of knowing that everyone around you is sweating it out just as hard?

Maybe it’s just that, “what’s the point”, feeling of working out all alone when you could just as easily veg on the couch and relax after your hard day.

DVDs are an okay substitute, but how do you know if you are really squatting low enough or performing each exercise safely? Besides how many times can you listen to the same comments from the same actors before you go crazy?

Those workout DVDs got really stale after a while, and there was no sense of community alone in the basement.

It doesn't have to be this way!

Ladies at Grateful Fitness know that in-person small group training is so special because:

  • You get the social support that you can only receive by being in a group setting.
  • It's a small group which means that you will develop friendships with women like you and get to know everyone you're exercising with.
  • You get the Privacy of a members-only, all-female gym and don't have to deal with strange men ogling you at a gym.
  • The gym is comfortable, clean, and full of equipment and people that you will become very familiar with. Familiarity breeds comfort, and comfort breeds fitness ease!
  • You get the benefits of a private session without the private session cost: because these are small groups you will be able to get more individual focus instead of just feeling like a number.
  • You get the benefit of Judy's 30 years of training experience, not an inexperienced group instructor fresh out of school, following a script they don't fully understand.
  • The expertise of a midlife women's fitness specialist who is also in midlife, not some young kid who doesn’t understand joint issues, exercise incontinence or arthritis.
  • The flexibility of being able to also attend classes virtually online when you can't make it to a session.

What is this wonderful "unicorn" of a program, you may ask? I'll tell you!

Introducing: my in-person small group training membership program!

My small group training sessions are 45 minutes maximum and include a thorough warm up, and explanation of the workout. You will get all of the group support you love PLUS the individualized attention you seek from an experienced trainer.

The best part? The in-person sessions are small-group-private, and you can attend unlimited sessions!

When you become an in-person training member, you also receive access to the online membership portal where you will find recordings of past workouts as well as the ability to train live with Judy, virtually!

This is perfect for when you're traveling, have a sick kid at home, or just don’t feel like braving the weather! you can tune in to the workout live from your phone tablet or apple TV. You can even do it in a hotel gym!

In-person Small Group Personal Sessions are broadcast live and recorded via video conference using the free software “Zoom” (don’t worry, if I can find the software easy to use, anyone will).

There are 3 classes held LIVE each week that you are able to sit in on, but don’t worry if you can’t attend - because every session is recorded and you will have UNLIMITED access to every recording as long as you remain a member!

Think about that...this is  the best of having a personal trainer, the social support of  group class and a library of workout DVD’s.

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I am a retired professional physique athlete as well as a midlife woman with a family, career and lots of obligations. I created this unique Small Group Training Program for women because I couldn’t find anything like it anywhere, and women were coming to me for solutions. 

If you were to join 3 specialized fitness classes per week, how much do you think you would be spending?

$50 a week?

$100 a week?

What would your health and the specialized guidance be worth to you?

How much would it cost attend three or four customized personal training sessions per week, from a trainer who specializes in women over 35?

I've looked into it for you (market research!), and it's expensive. I'm talking $100/session or $300-$400/week, minimum.

Because these trainings are small group, you're able to get personal-training focus and attention without the personal-trainer price tag!

What to Expect:

  • Full warm up with joint mobility, balance work and increase in circulation
  • personalized attention
  • form adjustment
  • suggestions for progressions and/or regressions
  • modifications for specific needs ie. joint issues, mobility issues.
  • Option to stay and foam roll or stretch at the end of the workout
  • Occasional social events like wine night, walks or lunch!

The sessions have an overwhelmingly synergistic atmosphere, because we are all about women helping women. The feeling is decidedly welcoming, private and all-inclusive for women of all shapes and sizes.

My foremost goal for all of our members is to provide a safe, non-threatening, environment to train for maximal health benefits. Safety is always a priority. Aesthetics are a close second. Workouts should never be scary, but they do need to take us our of our comfort zone. You can always say no if you feel you are not ready.

Members get the benefit of learning how/when to progress, and when to take it easy. Not every workout needs to be so tough that you dread coming to the gym.

Membership options include 3 or 6 month options. As a bonus, all in-person members automatically have access to our online membership portal. Online members get full access our workout library.

These workouts are full length, real time, workouts done in the Grateful Fitness studio. They are not rehearsed. Some are recorded during small groups sessions, some are with Judy alone, and others are with one member doing a one-on-one workout with Judy.

Sessions can be viewed live by signing into the on live selection of portal and clicking the matching day and time. The intro screen gives the equipment and the exercises for that session

Whether in-person or online you can expect to hear me give ongoing cues for proper form safety and effectiveness.

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Here is what members are already saying:

Judy, I am so grateful for you and I owe you so much! I feel so much better not only physically but also mentally. That is the important thing. But the little side things are great too...... I got into a sweater dress today that I haven’t worn in two years!!😄😄

Good to be back working out with you!! I really love working out w u! Totally resets my mind and just feels great! I wanted to share that last year  with you was my most work outs in 11 years with 52 more times than the previous year. Thank you! Yeah me!

I am changing the way I look at my workouts. We’re not in our 20’s anymore so we shouldn’t be working out like a 20-year old.

Thank you for all you do!!! You are amazing and have really helped me more than you will ever know!

We are on the the 4th run from filling the uhaul truck we rented moving stuff back to the house.  Two more runs to go! No way I could have done this without you!!!!! (Although I am sure I will be sore tomorrow!!😄

Good to be back working out with you!! I really love working out w u! Totally resets my mind and just feels great! I wanted to share that last year  with you was my most work outs in 11 years with 52 more times than the previous year. Thank you! Yeah me!

Every in-person membership includes:

  • Unlimited classes
  • Members-only online workout library
  • A special link to reserve your spot in class
  • Limited class sizes
  • Full warm up
  • Detailed explanation of every exercise
  • Progressions and modifications
  • Shower facilities
  • The chance to make lasting friendships with other fitness-minded women
  • An Exclusive Private Facebook Group only for members where workout tips and recipes are shared as bonuses - and you can get support from other women just like you!
  • Occasional bonus perks like wine night, team walks, and recipes!
  • NEW: BiWeekly "Reality Chic Chats" - A chance to ask your questions during a live broadcast and get specific in-depth answers from Judy every 2 weeks!

Please bring a water bottle and indoor training shoes, and wear comfortable workout attire.  

Potential members are carefully screened via application and interview.

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Gratefully Yours,