10 Amazing Snacks to Try Right Now

Whenever I am gathered with a group of health conscious women (and that is six days a week BTW) the conversation quite often turns to snack options. Everyone struggles to find a satisfying snack in short order. 

FACTOID: 99.9% of all women snack at least once a day.

The big question then, is what is a tasty snack, that is simple and doesn’t blow up one’s food budget?

Hypothetically this is a ‘figure it out for yourself’ question because we all have our unique tastes and nutrition requirements. However, practically speaking, everyone wants help with go-to snacks.  

Nobody wants to be Betty Crocker.

We are far more likely to dig into a bag of Doritos or open up the freezer and grab a spoon and a carton of Ben & Jerrys when we get a snack attack and are unprepared and hangry.

Occasionally those options can fit, but as a habit, they could sabotage our efforts to live according to our “why “ long term.

Soooooo……. After many many questions over the last several years, here are my favorite go-to snacks. I am not getting paid to recommend any of these.

  1. Enlighted Roasted Broad Beans

    These are a recent addition to my pantry after looking for a snack that traveled well and didn’t melt in my golf bag. They have a nice crunch and slightly salty tase. The feel like nuts, but are significantly lighter and won’t leave you thirsty or too full for dinner in an hour or two.

  2. Caveman Foods Primal Bars

    These paleo friendly protein bars are low in fat and sugar are made from antibiotic-free, cage-free chicken. The taste is mild and they have a good mouthfeel, not at all leathery like jerky.

  3. Rx Bars

    These ovo-vegetarian bars tend to be chewy and on the sticky side, yet they are tasty and almost dessert-like.  The only downside is that they have to be eaten slow or they could get stuck in your teeth. This actually is not a bad thing unless you are wearing braces. The ingredients are things you would have in your own kitchen. The sweetness comes from dates and the protein from egg whites. There are 9 ingredients or less in every flavor.

  4. NuGo Slim Bars

    These bars are delicious, certified gluten-free, vegan, kosher and Non-GMO. They have a dark chocolate coating and taste like a light dessert.

  5. P28

    P28 makes bread, bagels, and wraps that are high in protein. A savory way to enjoy these is to take half a wrap or bagel and top it with a little Pecorino Romano or Parmesan, garlic powder, and oregano. Toast or broil it briefly for a quickie white mini-pizza. A sweeter option is to spray lightly with butter non-stick spray and then dust with cinnamon and a touch of stevia. Slide it under a broiler for a brief minute.

  6. Speaking of cinnamon…

    …don’t forget about a good old fashioned crisp apple sliced and doused with cinnamon. In the summer a hard variety like Granny Smith is a good option. In the fall and winter and almost any variety will do. Cut into large dice and add cinnamon and cook briefly in a microwave with a smidgen of water to make steam, then top with ½ cup of plain greek yogurt for a satisfying and aromatic dessertish snack.

  7. Looking for a crunchy veggie that isn’t carrots or celery?

    Try Kohlrabi dipped in salsa, hummus, guac or honey mustard.

  8. Our go-to honey mustard at home is Nances Honey Mustard.

    It serves as a great as a dip for crudites. Yes, it has some sugar in it but a little goes a long way.

  9. Mary’s Gone Crackers

    Mary’s Gone Crackers are organic, gluten free, vegan, and non-GMO whole grain. They can be a great base for a little bit of good quality cheddar or feta.

  10. If you have a little more time and want a really good Hummus recipe check out this cookbook from your library or buy it on Amazon:  

    The Silver Palate Good Times Cookbook  The recipes don’t exactly fall under the quick category, but the hummus is the very best ever and really very simple.  This book is a good staple for your cooking library. I have made dozens of these recipes multiple times over the last 25 years.

So there you have my top 10 go-to snacks. Looking for more inspiration for practical lifestyle hacks?

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