“A Jar of Hearts”

The original topic for today was about setting up a home gym, but I trashed it in favor of a juicy topic that surfaced at my in-person small group trainings this morning.

Self Love.

We freely shared our insecurities today. It became clear, that we are more alike than not, in our fears and anxieties. I quickly realized that this is not a unique feeling,  and I sensed a bond forming.   

We talked abut the inadequate feeling we have at seeing people around us appear fitter, leaner, less wrinkled and cellulite free. We admitted struggling when we see social media posts of perfection about other peoples’ kids, dogs, vacations and even relationships.

Then we laughed. Because deep inside we know all of this is an illusion.

Did that cure our self-love problem?

It didn’t.

But together we took a step to recognize that all of us need work in accepting our unique characteristics.

Yesterday, one of the women in my mentorship group [one of my *BOY sisters] posted about a ‘complaint jar’  At first I didn’t give it more thought other than, “oh what a clever SM post!

But then I got to thinking.

 Lets put a jar with a reminder, to turn our complaints into affirmations,  in our gym to work on self-love. This is our Jar of Hearts

When we catch ourself, making a negative self-comment we are to jot it down and rephrase it in an affirmation. This is our mental strength training. We are resisting the urge to block self-love.


       “My knees are weak”  becomes “Every workout I am strengthening the muscles that support my knees, and I am getting stronger.”

       “I have wrinkles on my forehead” becomes  “I have beautiful facial expressions” 

shout out to @Whollygirl on IG for the inspiration:


This complaint jar resides in our GF gym.

Another jar is on my work desk too because reminders are super helpful. 

 The “Setting up a home  gym” post will have to wait. Please share your comments, and questions below.

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8 Comments on ““A Jar of Hearts””

  1. Love the idea Judy!!! I try to practice positivity & give sincere compliments and positive encouragement to my family, friends, coworkers, gym mates etc. But when I think about myself…truth is I’m pretty critical of & harsh on myself!! So from here on, challenge accepted. I will learn to love myself!

  2. I have a similar thing that I call my Gratitude Jar. I like Jar of Hearts better! Thanks for the inspiration Judy!

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