Bikini Ready?

Spring break is around the corner, and the comments are coming in about getting ‘bikini ready.’

What is bikini ready anyway? To me it is a state of mind, not a size or a shape. A girl can be bikini ready any time she wants to by accepting her body. Succumbing to the notion that one must be as thin as a cover model to wear a bikini is just plain wrong. Who ever said only emaciated women should wear bikinis? Playing into that just feeds the cycle of dieting for “xyz event” or bikini season, and leads to rebound weight gains…aka sweater season.

What if we learned to love our bodies to keep them healthy and wear what ever we want? 

I experienced extreme dieting and then weight gain as a competitive bodybuilder. Even though I only gained 10-12 pounds in the off season, and  that amount of weight put me in a healthy weight range, I would be devastated to see my curvy abdomen appear. For several years, my knee jerk reaction was to sign up and prep for another competition and diet down again.

I finally had enough when I realized that I was not living the way I wanted to. I was constantly calculating everything and always self critical. On the day of my last show, I firmly decided that I would not diet down to stage weight ever again. Great I thought, now do I remember HOW to eat for a healthy body without being obsessed? It has taken me 6 months to automate my diet. I came up with a comfortable plan to keep consistent portion control. I do measure some food, but I don’t need to be a mathematician. 

We absolutely have to take responsibility for our nutrition if we want to maintain a reasonably lean physique, but the stricter the plan, the more likely we are to rebel.

I designed “Manage Your Mangia” to be a FREE plan the works for real life. Yes, there are responsibility and commitment required, but it is not so strict that it cannot be maintained for life. MYM is being an adult about the whole thing. MYM helps us take ownership for our nutrition, without taking ourselves too seriously.

I choose to use a food scale when I eat at home, and  yet I can make portion controlled choices when I  am out. I no longer pass up social occasions because I can’t weigh my food.

As women we can go out and rock what ever swim suit we want, and learn to eat for mental and physical health and well being. What I mean is accept your self unconditionally, yet aim to live as healthy as you can for as long as you can.

Hundreds of women have already signed up for MYM, and are gearing up to learn how to eat enjoyably, and responsibly for life.  It is FREE; are you on the list yet? 

To make sure you are,  click here, and remember to confirm you subscription.

Manage Your  Mangia!



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