Bites Licks and Tastes

Bites Licks Tastes and Feelings

“Feelings are just visitors. Let them come and go”~Mooji

The Fourth week of November is official start of the holiday season. It can be a time where our healthy habits are at high risk for being pushed to the dark corners of our mind. Reasons why we abandon our healthy nutrition slash exercise habits are irrelevant. I would argue that they are excuses.IMG_4796.PNG

One big contributor to getting away from our fit habits is succumbing to #BLT. BLT stands for Bites Licks and Tastes. BLT’s start out as innocent little actions, that can snowball.

When we practice healthy habits we eat at a table with a napkin in our lap. During meal prep we avoid #BLT.


Cue in Thanksgiving. We find ourselves licking the spoons, tasting the stuffing, you know just to check the seasoning, and sneaking bites of the turkey as it is being carved. An entire meal could be consumed before we even light the candle on the dinning room table.

How about the clean up? More BLT indiscretions even though at this point we are full. I would be lying if I denied falling under the BLT spell.

“Feelings are visitors, let them come and go”~Mooji.

Just because we feel something doesn’t mean we have to act on it.  Feeling that the holidays are the only time we get to eat XYZ does not mean we need to bite lick and taste it all. This is a good time to remember that if we want turkey with stuffing and pumpkin pie we can have it any time we want. There will be leftovers, because we do not have to hoard food like a bear going into hibernation.


Waiting to sit and enjoy a holiday dinner at a table with your loved ones makes it special. Have one serving of the foods you want, and leave the rest for leftovers.

And always be grateful and kind.

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