Episode 111: Sister Solidarity Misinterpreted, with Candace Smith

We are here to dispel the myth that practicing acts of fitness and health improvement have to involve suffering.

Workouts are not acts of torture, and neither is eating a balanced healthy diet.
This discussion is in reference to Nicole Kidman leaning out and getting stronger for a photo shoot. In an article in The Guardian, the author is putting Kidman down and ridicules women who take action to get fit. The author calls it a ‘ridiculous effort to look half your age,’ and a ‘knock against sister solidarity.’
We are giving it right back to her. Her opinions calling women who want to look and feel younger ridiculous are the real spoof on sister solidarity.
Savvy Midlife women today don’t see optimizing our fitness as an act against our sisters. We see getting fit as a way to enjoy life without limits for as long as possible.

We also applaud each other’s efforts and don’t feel triggered by fit women. We applaud everyone who is taking her own health into her own hands.
Listen in below and let’s chat more about this.
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