Episode Twelve: Counting Calories is Addictive and a Flawed System

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There is no doubt that managing energy intake and output is vital to losing weight.  So why is the success rate so low for long term success? One major problem is that the gold standard for calorie measurement is based on antiquated research from the world’s fair 1896.

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3 Comments on “Episode Twelve: Counting Calories is Addictive and a Flawed System”

  1. This makes a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been trying to eat healthy-cutting out processed sugar and other processed foods, no dairy, gluten, red meat, nightshades. It’s been helping with my health and weight.

  2. Robyn thank you so much for listening I’m glad to hear that the topics resonate well with you. It’s amazing how outdated the calorie system is isn’t it and yet we cling to it like it’s the Gods honest truth.

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