Episode 127: How to Outsmart Your Gym Anxiety

Ever been the new kid on the block? It can suck. Going to a new gym can feel just as yucky. The fact is that nobody has time to work through a long period of adjustment to a new gym. In this episode, I am digging deep into 4  common causes of gym anxiety and solutions to help you achieve regular attendance without undue stress. One of the most important factors of training is actually doing it consistently. Nobody needs to have anxiety about showing up and feeling inferior.  This episode covers the 4 most common types of gym anxiety and solutions to keep your stress level under control. No matter what type of gym or program you choose, it is important that you feel comfortable and part of the community. Grab a listen and do your research before committing to a location program or trainer.

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Next week on Tuesday we have an expert guest on tapping. This amazing Mom of four and dog Mom actually took me through a tapping therapy episode to help me confront one of my greatest fears. [ I bet you will never guess what it is] Yikes My fear is going rogue. I am actually ok with sharing, because if it helps even one person then a good deed is done. It all goes down in episode 128.

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