Episode 132: Movement Snacks: What You Need to Know

In the real world, we know that a healthy lifestyle is contingent on maintaining a workout regimen with consistency.  yet it can be a challenge to accomplish. one suggestion is to use movement snacks as an alternative to full-length workouts.

What do you imagine when you hear the term ‘movement snacks’? Are you thinking of little foods that you eat on the move… or perhaps mini workouts? “Movement snacks” is a term used to identify little periods of movement.

Some people claim that movement snacks can replace workouts. Today we are digging and exposing the pros and cons of these mini-movements, and how they may be useful. Don’t cancel your workout membership before listening to this episode, because you may not want to rely solely on mini-movements to stay healthy.

PS- Let’s not forget community. You may want to keep up with your workout community for accountability and friendship, as well as the umpteen other benefits that a full-out workout (even just 30 minutes) can provide.

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