Episode 133: Trusting the Process (Part 1): 6 Tips

We all want to live a high-quality healthy life. But often that means cleaning up our behaviors. Changing is so freaking hard, and yet staying in a rut is worse. When you feel like you are between a rock and a hard place you know that you must have a strategy for changing.

Cue up “Trusting the Process” What does that actually mean? According to Slang dictionary, “Trust the Process is a slogan used by fans of the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers. Coined during a rough patch for the team, it basically means “things may look bad now, but we have a plan in place to make it better.” [Trust the Process Meaning & Origin | Slang by Dictionary.com]

How can you do this? I had the same thought. How I approach “trusting the process” aka my ‘game plans’ for change, is to use some key reminders to help me when I want to revert to old habits. In this episode, those key reminders are ready for you to grab so that you can trust your process aka game plan. The examples referred to hear are directly related to health and wellness, especially how to be consistent with eating and moving in ways that benefit your body and brain.

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3 Comments on “Episode 133: Trusting the Process (Part 1): 6 Tips”

  1. Great tips! I’ve found that setting specific goals in a certain timeframe causes so much stress, so I agree that we should focus on value, gratitude and what we can control. Xo Nipa

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