Episode 135: In it to Win: a Story of Self Trust & Cancer with Kim Cook (Trust part 2)

My mother used to call this ‘having a hunch’

Some people say it is a gut feeling or going with your heart and soul. No matter how you describe it, it is trusting your own best judgment. This is a story,  all true of how our guest Kim Cook followed her heart to navigate her journey with Multiple Myeloma. Kim began by doing her due diligence with research. She based her treatment plan decisions and selection of her medical team on her well-informed heart and soul. She trusted her heart to guide her and is at peace and in remission. As we get into the second half of life, the likelihood of facing a serious diagnosis is real. Kim’s story is heartwarming, inspirational, and paramount advice.


This is our second episode on trust.  The first one is episode 133, Trusting the process.

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One Comment on “Episode 135: In it to Win: a Story of Self Trust & Cancer with Kim Cook (Trust part 2)”

  1. I’ve had the good fortune of meeting Kim in person several years ago! I have followed her journey and admire her positivity despite challenges! It’s so important to take control of your health care especially in difficult times!

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