Episode 30: Zoom Fatigue is Real. Here is what to do about it

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Zoom is widely recognized as a household name for video conferencing.

Frequent ‘Zooming’ leads to a new kind of fatigue, call Zoom Fatigue, and is similar to mental burnout.

Being a year into the Covid-19 pandemic, the novelty of using Zoom for work and socializing, and exercising has grown old.

 For many of us, Zoom is now used for a large portion of human interaction.  Birthdays, work, weddings, baby showers, funerals, and exercise programs.

Forbes defines zoom burnout as “prolonged periods of stress leading to mental emotional and physical exhaustion.” One effective remedy for this type of burnout is often physical movement. Well for most of us this is also happening via Zoom. Sweat equity is a hugely effective treatment for stress relief and emotional exhaustion. But when the class is on Zoom it can be tricky. (But not impossible)

Why is Video conferencing so stressful?  For many people the thought of being on camera is daunting. Many people feel the need to show that they are attentive. This creates extra stress.

Back-to-back meetings are also a recipe for stress. It’s like a pressure cooker without a steam valve.

 We all need mental breaks throughout the day.  Continuous Zoom meetings take away the opportunity to visit a break room even briefly throughout the day. Getting up and leaving our desk/ office also gets our extremities moving. These little movements and brain breaks are necessary.

A few options for minimizing Zoom Fatigue and burnout include building in breaks that include moving and getting off Zoom communication. Even a quick phone call to a  significant other or friend. (For more on the benefits of staying connected, listen to episode #27) Get up and move, get a change of scenery and give your brain a break.

Before the Pandemic working from home was seen as more of a perk. Now it is seen as less of a perk. But it can still be beneficial and helpful in preventing the spread of disease at least until we have herd immunity.

Work burnout is not new. But this digital version known as Zoom Burnout has unique characteristics.

Here are a few tips. For online workouts, get an accountability partner. (S)he will show up for you and you will show up for her. This is a proven effective accountability strategy.

Zoom can be both a source of stress and also a relief from stress.

Thank you for tuning and remember to check back every Tuesday for a new episode.

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