Episode 31: Age Stereotypes Can Negatively Impact How Well You Age

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What begins with praising young girls for being small beautiful and youthful can backfire in middle age. Our attitude towards aging is a predictor of our own future cognitive function. Healthy is not the same as small beautiful and ageless. Even commenting on someone being ageless can fuel the negative age stereotype that ‘older is undesirable’. This attitude can actually hurt your own future cognitive abilities.

All ages are the best age. The healthiest attitude is to embrace is where you are now is the best age.  Live fully in the present, and do not obsess about living or trying to recreate a younger version of yourself.  The influence of the beauty, weight loss, and anti-aging industries implies that aging is a negative and undesirable result of living. These industries are contributing to our negative beliefs about ourselves and others.

There are 4 factors that shape perceptions of older adults. Listen to this episode to understand them and to embrace your own positive outlook about aging. You will improve your own future cognition by not buying into the negative beliefs around aging.

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