Episode 40: Why Fad Food Diet Wars are Making You Crazy

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The “I’ll-be-happy-when” attitude is robbing you of joy. It is often necessary to delay a treat or celebratory behavior in order to achieve a goal. But making it seem like we are miserable is optional. Adopting the mindset that your only joy comes after the journey is complete, is robbing you of enjoying the present. The fact is that we only have the present, so if we define our joy only by achieving future goals, we are making ourselves miserable in the present.

Instead, we can define joy as partaking in the behavior that leads us to our goals. When we take joy in the journey, we crowd out misery.

The joy comes from believing in yourself, and from owning your decision to change. Don’t think in terms of delayed gratification. Think instead in terms of new ways to find joy in the present moment.

By finding gratification in what we are doing now we are creating our own joy. This approach to midlife health and fitness is more likely to help us keep up with the desired behavior. For tips on some of the best exercises for women over 40, check out my free guide 

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