Episode 43: Don’t Let Your Bad Feelings Freak You Out

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Bad feelings hurt and they suck, but they are necessary for change. One thing I learned early on as a coach was that if I got freaked out by a client’s bad feelings then she got freaked out too.

When we examine the chain of events necessary for change we can see that the trigger is feeling bad or discontented with a situation. In order to get past this awful situation, we must acknowledge it. The fact is that many people stay stuck precisely because they avoid confronting a bad situation. They accept life as is and stay miserable.  In this episode, we discuss how to confront and accept a bad situation like being overweight or hitting midlife and not as being healthy as you desire. There is a  necessary chain of events to making a change.  You can’t skip the sucky part. You will just be detained there longer.

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