Episode 67: Why Black Friday Fitness Sales are Unauthentic

Episode 67:Why Black Friday Fitness Sales are Unauthentic


Have you ever bought something just because it was on sale and never used it? If you have {and who hasn’t?} it feels yucky to have wasted your money.

Now think about all the fitness and diet sales that pop up from Black Friday to January first.

It happens every year.

People invest huge amounts of money and emotional energy on these programs. The problem is they buy before they are ready to commit.

Fitness and diet sales are not fair to the consumer because clever marketing entices people to spend before they are ready. UltimaUltimatelyend up having wasted their money and feeling like a failure.

​Just because a new year is on the horizon, you are not obligated to start another diet and exercise program. How many times have you started on January 1 only to not stick with it?

​Think about this carefully and decide when you are ready to commit. 

​​When the mind is ready the body will respond.

Happy Holidays!


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3 Comments on “Episode 67: Why Black Friday Fitness Sales are Unauthentic”

  1. Judy, this is so true! Both the sales and the thought “that it’s a new year so I’ll…” For me when the time is right I make the changes I need, no matter when or why! xo

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