Episode 68: Stop thinking of Fitness as a Hobby

Investing in your health bank is a lot like investing in your financial nest egg. Think about it this way. What good is having ample finances if your midlife health and fitness are preventing you from enjoying your hard-earned nest egg?

Your future brain, bones, and heart are depending on you to make choices that can optimize your ability to fully enjoy your later years.

You can’t afford to screw this up.

This does not mean you should get skinny, or worse yet try to get skinny fast. Skinny and fit are very different.  A health-conscious journey is a many-pronged approach to optimizing your mind and body for enjoyment in your later years.  Hint: it doesn’t mean under-eating and over-exercising.Annnndsit doesn’t mean waiting until January first. One of the things I  preach regularly is readiness. This episode is all about WHY it is important to get your mind ready and keep it there long term. Ready does not mean blowing off December and starting in January,  just because we turned the page on a new year.

 Your health habits are cumulative.

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