Episode 71: Happiness is Not Passive…2021 Birthday Episode

Happiness doesn’t Come to you. Happiness comes from you. Have a listen to Judy’s birthday episode and see why she omits the “What-the-hell-effect”  from her mindset.

The “What-the-hell-effect”  is when you decide to throw your healthy living behaviors away until the new year. It means you are giving up. It means you are choosing instant gratification often followed by guilt and remorse and tight clothes.

You don’t have to feel deprived or go on a strict diet and altogether skip the holidays,  you can instead choose a mindset that allows you to practice healthy living and not go overboard.

Remember that happiness does not come to you and especially not in the form of food. Happiness comes FROM you.

You don’t have to wait until you are disgusted, or until a new year happens. And  by the way living better does not mean living in constant restriction. That is actually a mindset. It is possible to eat well for midlife health and fitness and not feel deprived.

For guidance on designing your own sustainable healthy nutrition approach, schedule a sustainable nutrition call.

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Happy New Beginnings when ever you choose to create them.

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