Episode 80: Sarah Loverdi on Why People hate to Love Anger

Anger can have negative connotations. But is that fair? As humans, we experience all kinds of emotions, and anger is just an emotion that can be a habit or can be suppressed, or it can be unpredictable.

In this episode private counselor and social worker, Sarah Loverdi talks about the benefits of anger, and why we hate to love it.

Anger is not all good or bad, and there can be a place for it. It can also control us if we are not careful. Midlife women can get angry at aging, and dwell in the past. This is an example of choosing to stay angry instead of making a change. Once again this is a story that one may choose to believe or not. It is certainly true that we cannot take back our youth, but we can live healthy regardless of our chronological age.

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