Episode 81: Kristy Sidlar on Scars are Stories: A Story of Revelation and Transformation

Imagine being thirty-something, and getting a diagnosis of a progressive cardiac condition that will require a heart transplant. Kristy Sidlar was a fit healthy woman, and after collapsing while training for a triathlon, she was told she would eventually need a heart transplant. Her heart condition slowly progressed into middle age and did lead to a heart transplant in March of 2021. On her 6-month anniversary of getting her new heart, Kristy ran a 5k, and she is currently training for a triathlon!

Her journey is super inspiring, and she has written a memoir to inspire others. It’s called Change of Heart: My Journey of Transplantation, Revelation & Transformation. This discussion will literally inspire you to place your hand on your heart, and give thanks for your life, in spite of any ridiculous self-perceived flaws. 

Order her book here: www.changeofheartmemoir.com.

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