Episode 84: Why You need a Jar of Hearts

Why is it so hard to love ourselves no matter what?

We know that loving ourselves is a prerequisite to loving others, as well as treating ourselves kindly and compassionately. Yet literally everyone struggles with this on some level.

Cue up habits. Loving yourself needs to be a habit that you place a high priority on. As in we only have to practice this as often as we brush our teeth.

Where does the jar of hearts come in? The Heart Jar is a place to undo those pesky negative self-thoughts. Take that negative thought or comment, and briefly re-write it as an attribute. Now, toss it in the jar. On a day when you just can’t shake the self-loathing, open up that jar and read those beautiful attributes.  Truth be told, I have been asked numerous times to do ‘workshops’ on how to love yourself. Honestly, you may not need a workshop if you commit to this mini habit. The ripple effect will come back to you because when you love yourself, the world loves you back.

This brief but powerful episode will change the way you look at yourself.

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