Episode 93: Rebecca Phillips on Unexpected Ways Your Space Can Make Your Life Amazing

Coming home to CHAOS can be very unsettling and add to your stress. But when you learn about these unexpected ways that you can make your home a  relaxing private sanctuary, your life will take on a different flavor. We all deserve to enjoy our personal space and making it just right for us in the way we live is an art and also an organized process. Home-making expert Rebecca Phillips has some very unexpected ways to make your home your favorite place to relax. Rebecca talks about how in different seasons we have different priorities, and how to go with the flow instead of fighting it.

These are nothing like your old Home Ec Teacher’s rules! They are up to date and relevant for anyone who has a roof over their head.

Please note if you are a pet owner, and you are looking for plants to bring home, please do your research on pet-safe plants versus plants that may be poisonous to your pets.  Some Plants mentioned in this episode may be poisonous to dogs and cats.

Here is a funny footnote: CHAOS as an acronym was something I came across from another Home Making Professional called the Fly Lady. It stands for Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome.

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