Fitness Over 40: It is Not a Hobby

Let me ask you a question: Is investing in your retirement a hobby? Of course not.

Yet when someone says they are not into fitness, they are failing to invest in their retirement. Having a comfortable financial nest egg is a great goal, but if we don’t have health, and quality of life it’s useless.

Quality of life has slightly different meanings for different people, but we can all agree that a quality life includes waking up with the freedom to move about our day and having the energy to do the things we enjoy most.

Minimizing the risk for the onset of diseases like cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular are also of high value in a quality life.

Fitness is most definitely a lifeline to a future designed with freedom. That freedom to do whatever we want in the future must be earned with responsible actions today.

Therefore, treating fitness like a hobby or afterthought is poor planning. It’s not unlike getting to a certain age and realizing that you neglected to save enough money to live on. Nobody wants to get to their later years and be unable to enjoy financial comfort and the freedom of good health.

Good health is not guaranteed, but training your body consistently for strength and mobility greatly improves your chances.

Becoming weak is a result of poor lifestyle choices. It is absolutely true that is if you rest you rust. We have the power to control our future quality of life to a very good extent. Obviously, genetics is a factor, but we all have the ability to make the best of what we have.

The truth is that investing your time effort and money in a well-programmed strength program is a necessary investment in your future.

You can invest now, or pay later. Paying now is easier because it is only money. Money is a renewable resource.

Paying later costs so much more.

The payment will be automatic in the form of pain, suffering, time lost and hard earned money eaten up by expensive prescriptions and medical care. It’s up to you, but given the choice, virtually everyone agrees that cruising into the future without aches pains, and debilitating diseases is infinitely better than spending our future riddled with painful diseases, costly medical bills and time out of commission.


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If you think you can’t afford a quality strength program, look at this way:

You also can’t afford to enter your future with costly medical bills! As my accountant friend says: you can pay now or pay later.

Look at your disposable income. How much moola do you spend mindlessly at places like Target, coffee shops or convenience meals out? Often times, this is a matter of perspective. If you view your future health as a high priority, the decision is easy.

For more information on securing your future fitness, check out the resources on this site.

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