How to Stay Motivated When You Feel Stuck

Sometimes you have the best intentions to be consistent in your workouts, to go to the gym, and do all the sets and reps. But then the snooze alarm happens, and other appointments sneak into workout time. Before you know it three weeks have passed an you haven’t done a single workout. Your motivation has gone missing and you have to figure out how to find it.

This reminds me of a time when my BFF and I had to figure out what to tell our parents. As a teenager in the 1970’s, a bicycle meant freedom. My BFF and I used our bikes to go everywhere. We could ride without hands for miles! One day we planned an adventure. We were going to ride clear across Rochester and back home without telling out parents. There may or may not have been a cute guy involved. We started out with a couple dollars in our pocket and ambition. We were going to make it over the Genesee River and past the bustling Kodak Park of the day and north to a neighborhood called Charlotte. Which is where the Great Lake Ontario meets Rochester.

We rode for a while without incident. It is a miracle that we didn’t get seriously injured, especially because helmets were not a thing yet. About an hour into our ride we stopped at a fast food place and ordered burgers, fries and a soda. The sodas came in glass tumblers that we got to keep. After eating, we got on our bikes and put our glass tumblers in our baskets and started out again. With in a few yards the glasses flew out of one of our baskets, shattered on the pavement causing us to ride over broken glass. Immediately my friend got a flat tire. We had to call home with the change we had left and give up our secret plan.

Even the best intended plans may require assistance. Whether it is an adventure, or your commitment to being healthy, you are going to face situations where your mood or life situations are not ideal.

Lagging motivation, not seeing the results, or shitty life situations can be addressed with a trainer who specializes in you. (your age and ability) For example a trainer who works with small groups of women over 40 creates a community that develops a synergy that feeds and supports motivation. Virtual trainers provide flexibility so that you can complete workouts on your schedule and with consistency. Weekly accountability is built in.


A decent trainer will be on the lookout for signs that your mindset needs attention.


Having invested in yourself also puts a little skin in the game so to speak. A financial commitment also puts your $$ where your mouth is. Doing so with a friend builds in even more accountability. You are not going to let your friend down, (a friend cares) and she won’t let you down.

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