“Inconsistent is the new Fitness Habit”

I generally enjoy a lifting weights and prepping my own food. But at times I stgruggle to find time or motivation. When I need to find time in my schedule, I look to temporarily find hours, without jeopardizing my goals. Recently I found almost 4 hours in a week’s time by being inconsistent in my training and cooking. Yet, I did not jeopardize my progress.




My regular routine is to train 45 to 60 minutes 5-6 days a week, and prep all my meals except date nights. Most of the time this is fine, but there are days when just don’t feel like it. Other times I need to carve out extra time for other goals, like working with my mentor to make Grateful fitness [GF] an exceptionally valuable tool for like-minded ladies.


I gotta be honest. At times I loathe the 60-minute workout and my self-imposed food prep. Instead of throwing my hands up and saying fuck it, I take a mini detour.


For two one or two weeks, I keep all workouts to 20-minute intense circuits, and I keep food prep minimal by buying more precut veggies, eating more protein bars, and getting takeout that doesn’t sabotage my efforts. Hello Panera salads and pre-made grocery store meals. [Shout out Wegmans Sushi!]


During the mini detour, I make sure to use the extra 3-4 hours to work on my other goals. At the end of the time, I am excited to get back to my regular workouts, and food prep.


This detour, gives me permission to be inconsistent, yet this inconsistency actually renews my motivation without squishing my progress.

The added benefit is that I practice trusting myself to eat for my goals with out prepping every meal myself. Of course, I do practice portion control.


After a week to 10 days of minimal workout time and minimal cooking, I am longing for my regular routine. This interruption, keeps me from getting burned out, yet doesn’t make me gain 20 pounds.

check out the Grateful Fitness YouTube Channel for short effective workouts. These workouts can also be viewed on this web site on the resources> exercises tab.




To keep my long term behavior consistent, I keep it fresh. Lifting heavy and self food prep are my MO. But I gotta admit, every once in a while a week or two of shorter intense workouts and time away from the cutting board fuel my enthusiasm. Because, there is more to life than rigid workouts and food plans. Because, the mental break and extra time make me more consistent. When I feel dreadful about my workouts and/or I don’t want to be in the kitchen, it is time to make a temporary detour. After that week or two, I am happy to reunite with the barbell and cutting board.






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