Why “JUST Do This” is Wrong

“JUST do this” is …… diet advice we hear over and over again.


How many times have you heard “Just eat____ (or don’t eat) and you will loose weight”?


Just eat cabbage soup, or just eat low fat, or just eat grapefruits, or just follow a Keto diet, just drink bullet coffee every day for breakfast. Just put all your food in color coded containers.


Um really? Why do the rules change every time a new fad comes out, yet, we are the still the same human species?


Popular diets arise from the success of one or a group of folks who find their plan to be so good, that they market it to the masses.


Guess what? All of these can work, because they are simply a means to accomplish portion control. I am not saying use or don’t use them. The best plan for you is the one you actually like.


But remember, no diet comes with a guarantee. You have to be consistent and patient.


Which leads me to apology.


In my blog post about #5BigRocks of lean living, I added one of my a favorite personal strategies as a big rock and it really isn’t a big rock! It is my own personal approach. (Technically for me it IS a big Rock, because it helps me maintain portion control.)


Here are the  previously noted 5 Big Rocks :

Portion Control


Resistance Training

High Intensity Interval Training (cardio interval style)



Can you guess which one is a lie?    It is the Veggies!


It is no secret that veggies do a body good. The fiber and other nutrients they provide is well known. duh

But the truth is that plenty of people have attained and maintained a lean lifestyle with less than 6 servings of veggies a day. I happen to really like veggies, but eating a huge amount of them is not required for living lean.


Putting large quantities veggies in the ‘must do’ category of attaining/maintaining leanness is a little preachy.  Just because eating large quantities of veggies works for me doesn’t mean it is the gospel truth. (I am eating humble pie over here)


Whereas the other 4 Rocks portion control, adequate protein intake, resistance training, and interval cardio have been proven effective by numerous scientific studies.


So, if you don’t love loads of veggies, don’t fret. The approach that you like best, for portion control, is the one for you.

Common sense will serve you well, because if a diet plan sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Like wise if it is so restrictive that you cannot maintain it for years on end, it will do you no good.





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