Lessons from a Mother-In-Love (Part 2)

Earlier this year I wrote a tribute to my Mother in Law. She called me her daughter-in-love, and I referred to her as my mother-in-love. You can read about this how this woman touched many lives here.

Over the years both she and my own mother taught me valuable lessons about being a wife mother sister daughter and friend. While this may seem like a mothers day post, posting this on my actual birthday feels right because birthdays are the beginning of our own a personal New Year.

For every woman, her relationships, and her children:

Your happiness/ success/ progress/ ______ (insert your own challenge here) depends on your acceptance that it is necessary for you to take total responsibility for it.

Love your self unapologetically.

You ARE worth the effort.

Your life is full of opportunity, and often opportunity is disguised as a setback.

The honeymoon period after every new chapter in life must be highly cultivated with effort and close attention to thrive. This is true for marriage, career, parenting, friendships and fitness habits.

Hold your mate as number one in your life even above your children. Your children will learn that in marriage spouses come first, and they will become better spouses because of your example. Happily married spouses make wonderful parents when they agree to work at it together.

Don’t feel guilty for taking shortcuts especially if it means more time together as a family. (There is no shame in making mash potatoes or a birthday cake from a box or having your groceries delivered)

Health is not a size. Health is not a size. Health is not a size. Yes, it is that important to write three times. 

Shame has no use in your life.

Don’t make excuses for your self or others.

Own your choices, and regret nothing.

Be your own idol.

There is no ideal woman for you to look up to.

Your path is unique, be grateful that you can blaze your own trail.

Thank you, Mom and Mirta aka…Mother-in-love.


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