How Making Fitness Fun Can Improve Your Success

Recently I polled my clients about the biggest roadblocks women face in fit living. 

We identified some common denominators, that can be powerful roadblocks if we let them. Two biggest  issues that surfaced repeatedly were:

1. FOMO ~ A common misconception is that to be fit we have to give up all of our free time and eat boring food out of plastic containers.

2. LACK OF PLEASURE ~ The perception here is that a fit lifestyle has to be painfully bland and requires long boring workouts. A fit lifestyle does not mean dry chicken and lettuce, or two-hour workouts 6 days a week. On social media, I shared a meal with Italian sausage a while back, and I caught some flack about who actually eats Italian sausage and stays fit? Hands up…I do.

Here are 4 simple solutions for maintaining a consistent fit life instead of going on and off of diets and detoxes: Start by embracing this statement:

“Today I am grateful for the delicious nourishing food

and movements that support my fitness” 

1. Make it Doable: Make everyday fitness behaviors doable. If you have to look at a spreadsheet to eat breakfast, how long can you keep that up without being annoyed? Keep your methods attainable and enjoyable every day. If there is too much willpower required to get through your day, the habits won’t stick.

2. Adjust  Your Attitude:  Keep your choices fit-friendly, yet enjoyable. Workouts need not be viewed as punishment or as a consequence of overeating. An attitude of responsibility will do more for your progress and outlook than FOMO. Don’t over-restrict, and don’t go overboard either. That might even include an occasional treat, guilt-free.

Adopt an attitude that workouts are a choice, not a punishment. If you dread your workout, change it up. Is it too long? Find a way to make it short and effective. Check out the video demos above.

3. Accept where you are right now. A set of six-pack abs are not a requirement for happiness. Stop looking at women in the media as inspiration. A woman once asked me to train her and write her a diet so she could look like a certain celebrity. She wore her hair and makeup just like the famous woman and aspired to look like just like her. The thing is she was beautiful in her own special unique way, yet she didn’t accept her uniqueness. She was never pleased with herself. 

4. Pleasure: When Ed and I were raising our kids, we had a motto:

“You can have everything you need, and some of what you want.”

In life, we are blessed to get all that we need, and some of what we want. I like a good slice of pizza or a glass of wine now and then, but not all the time. Delayed gratification makes us appreciate our little treats even more. Remember over restricting can lead to rebound, but a little bit of enjoyment regularly can go a long way for long-term consistency.

Decide to own your fitness in a fun way, and let go of the story that fit habits are a life sentence for misery.

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