Manage Your Attitude To Manage Your Mangia

Have you ever started the day by getting up on the figurative ‘wrong side of the bed’? There is no doubt that it can suck. Going on with the day like you are sucking on lemons is a choice, but we don’t need to make that choice. I know If I don’t get my sleep, I am at risk for having a rotten day. While getting a full nights sleep is not always an option, a bad day is not required. I have learned to apply affirmations throughout the day to train my mind.

Using affirmations is an effective method to kick the bad attitude out of a challenging day.
My favorite one was suggested by a GF sister:
“I am strong. I am healthy. I am disciplined”

On doubtful days this affirmation goes a long way in both the gym, the kitchen and at my computer writing for GF.

In small group class here at Grateful Fitness, we talk quite a bit about affirmations, and one of our members gave this top to me as an affirmative symbol. I wear it on days when I need encouragement.

Another good way to get encouragement is with an accountability partner.

My FREE “Manage Your Mangia” blueprint shows you how having an accountability partner forms a  synergistic relationship for both of you.

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