Feeling Unproductive? Here are 5 Tips for Morning Routines to Boost Productivity!

Have you ever reflected on your day and remarked on how busy you were, and your goals were not accomplished? It can be frustrating, to be busy yet not ever finish necessary tasks. On many occasions with writing this blog and managing Grateful Fitness, I felt this way.

Then I looked back on my days of early motherhood with 4 little kids. I juggled carpool, checking homework, feeding kids, laundry, and making time to read to them., and my own exercise routine.

We managed well because we had a morning routine that we stuck to. Once I had the freedom to manage my days as I chose, I learned that making a point of continuing a mindful morning routine, remained important to have a productive and fulfilling day. 

Here are 5 simple actions for a mindful morning and a productive day:

1. Start the night before. 

When wrapping up your day, take a moment to jot down 3 tasks that you will accomplish the next day. This not only helps you get clear on your priorities, but it also takes those thoughts out of your brain so that you can sleep peacefully without ruminating over them.

Hint: Set an alarm on your phone naming the 3 tasks for the time that they need to be done.

2. Make waves with H2O ~~~

Start your day with a 16-ounce glass of water as the first thing to hit your stomach. Choose a glass or bottle that you find attractive. tip: Fill up 3 bottles when you write out your 3 tasks, so that you are prepared to sip water throughout the day. Get bottles that look attractive and feel good in your hands. Pleasant visuals and touch will make reaching for that water easy.

3. Give thanks.

Keep this to a one-minute activity and tie it to another ritual like brewing coffee or drinking that water. Use a journal to express gratitude for something in your life. It is impossible to be cross or anxious when you take a minute to realize that you have so much to be grateful for in your life.

4. Take #AIM:

Choose an Affirmative Inspirational Mantra (AIM) that will keep you on point for the day. If you want some suggestions for daily affirmations for confident women, check out this blog post.

Hint: The most convenient place to write this is in your gratitude journal.

5. Set up one self-care action.

It could be 5 minutes of quiet time or a walk. It doesn’t matter, simply pick something and decide when to do it. One suggestion is #beverageandbook time. It is exactly what it sounds like. Grab a beverage (like that attractive water bottle), and a book and get lost in it. Begin this as a mini habit, for just a few minutes a day at first. A bit of self-care every clears your mind so that it can be more productive.

There is one more hint about having a productive morning that will make a huge difference in your day. Avoid looking at your phone for social media or checking email before doing any of the above 5 actions.

Hint: Check your email at a specified time or two during the day, and stop wasting time by checking it repeatedly. Let your clients or those you correspond with know that you only check email at specified times during the day and that you will reply accordingly.

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