Owning Imperfection

Recently I put on a workout outfit previously reserved for my formerly extreme lean body. This gym outfit was one of my favorites, yet I refused to wear it if I thought I wasn’t lean enough. I would pass it over and think I was not worthy of wearing it. I was saving it for when I thought I had ‘earned the right’ to wear it. 

Then yesterday, I thought to my self, eff it!

I put it on and decided to own wearing that outfit, and enjoy it. Besides, I have this little game I play with myself. When I like my gym outfit, I work harder at my lifts.

Being brave enough to wear that little gym outfit signified a new perspective. This is the self that is striving to accept myself at every size…

There is this toxic trend of posting flawless social media pictures. Social media is literally in our pocket 24/7.  We can easily loose sight of how all bodies regardless size or shape can be beautiful. Recently, I have chosen to un-follow accounts that primarily post perceived perfect body pictures.

Looking  at those pictures, stirs up negative emotions.

Initially I was all about sustaining that ideal unrealistic body too. The biggest lesson I have learned is that an ideal body on social media is someone else’s body, not mine. None of us will ever look like the girl on the screen, because we are not her.

We would do better to do our best at being fit and healthy. Fit and healthy to me, means improving overall well being by focusing on mental fitness, physical fitness and self acceptance.

Let’s take it one step further and celebrate our uniqueness.    

Ironically being in the gym working on my body, taught me something unexpected. I found gratification in exercising my mental strength, while working on my physical strength. 

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I would be grateful if you would do me a favor. Tell me about a time when you were bummed out on your outlook about fitness, and how you searched for a way to cope, or not. judy@judyarazoza.com

Ps- Ladies  physical strength is not equated with size. Becoming stronger has made some of my trouble areas smaller, and other areas perkier.  



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3 Comments on “Owning Imperfection”

  1. Great article. Acceptance is hard for everyone. For me I struggle with some of my physical limitations and get down. It takes stopping and remembering that I am now pain free and have come so far.

  2. This is really helpful, Judy, and interesting, because lately I’ve had some of the same sentiments looking at Instagram pics of fitness models/competitors. I have not unfollowed anyone (yet) but I am thinking about it. I really appreciate your insights. As I approach 50 next year, I need to remind myself that a lot of these people are half my age. I need to embrace myself and where I am in life and stop comparing myself to others. We are all unique.

  3. Laura- Acceptance is hard, some days are great and others not so much. Affirmations and help! I am loved, I am enough.

    Joy- social media has it pros and cons, and the cons can be nasty if we let them. We must work to rise above the perception of perfectionism as a standard by which to compare ourselves. I consider this a life-long work in progress. Happy almost birthday, and welcome to the 50’s! They rock!

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