Sisterhood…a big part of Successful Weight Management

“The women that we embrace as our ‘sisters’ are sometimes closer than our own family members. They defend us, wipe away our tears, take care of us when we are ill, encourage us in the bad times, lend us money if needed, and support our dreams.~ Sophia Nelson, Huffpost 2013

My BFF’s are family to me. Some came into my life for a limited time, and our relationship was just what it needed to be at that stage. Others stayed longer, and some even became family. The bond with every one of them has been synergistic. Together our sisterhood relationships have served us from first dates and break ups, to weddings, though motherhood and the transition to an empty nest. 

(My oldest non related BFF)

One common denominator over all those years of confiding has been the challenges of weight management. We may appear confident on the outside, but our BFF-sisters feel our feelings and we feel theirs too. 

Now I am no more shallow or vain than your average female. I firmly believe that beauty is as much inward as outward, yet we all share the need to feel attractive. That attractive feeling is definitely more intense when we are on track and happy with our choices.

There are many times when we desire to be on track, yet temptations curse us. It is those times that our sisterhood of friends can be the most helpful. Within our sisterhood, We can freely share our struggles without judgement. We nod our heads in empathy, because we have all been there.

When it comes to maintaining our desired figure, there is comfort in leaning on our sisters. Studies of weight management success, prove that support for and from others is the number one factor in long term weight management success.

Two years ago, I ran a beta test. It was a (complimentary) weekly meeting scheduled for 3 months, at a coffee shop, to discuss weight management strategies. The turnout was amazing, and many friendships were made.

We all learned from one another. We listened with empathy. We banded together to help each other. All sorts of strategies were discussed. When I run into some of the women who attended, they tell me that they still use those the strategies that were laid out in our coffee shop sessions. 

There has been a lot of talk going around about ‘mean girl mentality’ especially regarding social media and progress pictures. It is time to lay aside any judgement, and bond together to support one another. When we lend a hand, we get back more than we put out. 


(my sister and first ever BFF)

“ When you give a little more than you expect to get back,

you get back a lot more than you gave” 

Mike Tambe

Sisterhood and support groups are one of the key factors in sustained weight management. This is a fact.

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