Social Food Demons…or how to manage that Football party

How do we manage portion control in social situations?



Cravings are powerful. When we see what we shouldn’t have naturally, we want it.


Making choices based on a situation, instead of abiding by our established lifestyle approach is ‘situational’ eating. It reminds me of the saying “If you fall for everything you stand for nothing”.


For example we go out with friends, and tentatively plan to eat light. But when we open the menu, temptation teases us. I have sat there doing mental aerobics in my head over the choices. This is situational eating. Situational eating is changing your decision for the situation you are in. It rarely has good out come.


This might sound dramatic, but I often think of my relationship with fitness like a marriage. It IS that important. So would I stray off my plan or from my spouse? The long-term consequences do not match the momentary pleasure. Situational eating is a temptation that is not worth the consequences.


I have a little plan that I follow in social situations. It may or may not be for you, especially if you don’t love wine.


I firmly decide before I open the menu, that my order is: a salad, a veggie, wine, and a protein (often times from the appetizer menu…. I am obsessed with beef tartar and all seafood appetizers)

Salad + Veggie + Wine + Protein


My personal Motto for eating out:

Pop a cork, no starch on the fork!









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