3 Tools you are over loooking that can Change your Physique

Diet and exercise are necessary for physique change, but only if they are used consistently.  They fail for many reasons. Very often our thoughts and attitude limit us from being consistent.  “My hips are like battleships” “I have batwing arms ” “I can’t go to the beach, because I look like a whale” Have you ever noticed when women are chatting, … Read More

A (raw) Truth About Shame and Authenticity

Warning: This post is raw, and it has taken courage for me to write. I have put off sharing it.  As a high level fitness professional, and a woman in midlife. [that is statistically where society puts women in the 40-50+ age group] I have made it my passion to share my experience, and to be frank with my thoughts … Read More

Eating with Freedom AND Responsibility

Mr. Kennedy was our pal. He was also our elementary school principal. He was the fun kind of principal that we had a  healthy respect for. He was also a master at getting kids to understand rules without being stern. His advice was basic and so much of it has stuck with me years later. Mr. Kennedy was keen on preparing us … Read More