What No One Tells You…About Weight Loss


It was a random number and a fantasy that this was my ideal weight. At times this has been my weight, for long periods even. But the mental energy required to maintain this always gave out eventually to hunger and an insatiable appetite. It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that a number is not a goal.


Here is what’s really important (that no one ever talks about) regarding weight loss. Each body works to maintain its unique set-point weight. Anyone can achieve a smaller body with pure grit and willpower. But grit and willpower will always (eventually) lose out to the set point weight. Here is the bad news, the more we fight it, the more the body counteracts it and slows down our metabolism. The result is that with a slower metabolism, it takes less food (fuel) to maintain the set-point. This is bad news for food lovers.


What is Set-Point Theory?


Your set-point weight is based on a theory that says your weight and body composition are based on an internal control system. Your set-point weight is the point at which you have optimal health and mood. It is nearly impossible to change this with severe restrictive dieting.


According to Set-Point Theory, the body is better suited to maintaining size and composition than the mind. Therefore the body does a better job than the brain of regulating hunger and satiety.


“Studies show that a person’s weight at the set-point is optimal for efficient activity and a stable, optimistic mood. When the setpoint is driven too low, depression and lethargy may set in as a way of slowing the person down and reducing the number of calories expended.” *** (reference cited below)


Who wants to be miserable just to boast a number on a scale????


It was a constant battle for me to maintain #117, and once I stopped and just adopted nutrition that fit my body, it was a relief. A huge burden was lifted. I am at a healthy size and shape. The constant willpower drain, food anxiety and FOMO I lived with to maintain #117 are gone.

Right now I don’t know or care what my weight is. My clothes fit well. I am not talking about those #117 clothes. Those were emotional baggage. I got rid of them. Read more about emotional baggage here  Hack: Your Emotional Triggers Lurk Here 


The goal weight you fantasize about can leave you chained to an impossible life of diets and rebound weight gain. Your body can’t tell the difference between dieting and starving. Your body always calls the shots, so it will do whatever it takes to get to the setpoint.


Instead of feeding the internal struggle between mind and body, learn what healthy nutrition is for your body. Eating right for your body will allow your body normalize itself over time. This requires time patience and consistency. This can be a challenge if you have been a serial dieter.


Your body is the true brains of the weight management system.


Information about the state of your body is constantly being updated in the form of hormone levels and the ratios between certain hormones. Hormones are affected by environment, stage of life, and what you eat. If you would like to discuss this further, respond to this blog with your questions and we can chat.


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