5 Surprising Reasons to Never Stop Exercising….#4 is a sizzler

Everyone knows the obvious benefits of working out like aesthetics and metabolism mastery. But do know about the 5  quality of life game-changers that will make you want to hit the weights and do the cardio consistently???

You bet there is, and if you are keeping your “Why” up front and personal, then you are going to have more reason to convince your brain to just do it in the gym.

This is all about #livingbetter.

1. Better sleep

Sleep quality is known to decrease with age, but the good news is that regular exercise can be the best medicine for restful nights. Exercising close to bedtime though is not recommended. Exercising earlier in the day helps keep the circadian rhythms in sync. Benefits of improved sleep quality include enhanced immune function (more on that below) lowered risk for heart disease, and diabetes, and improved cognitive function.

2. Maintain higher immune function

Keeping your immune system in top working order is necessary to avoid serious diseases, as well as maintain a healthy response to stresses on the body. Our ancestors thought that natural aging was responsible for a decline in immune system efficiency, but exercise has been proven to improve the function of the immune system. Pass me the dumbbells.

3. Reduced risk of arthritis

Arthritis is the most common illness of middle age, but did you know that exercising the right way can help fend off the symptoms of arthritis. Bear in mind that exercising the wrong way or too harshly, can make arthritis worse. (Invest in a trainer to get the 411 on making the best of your gym time) No pain no gain is not the answer. Stretching, correct range of motion and appropriate resistance are more helpful than harsh impact, improper motion or pushing through the pain.

4. Improved sex life

Muscles that are exercised regularly, signal the endocrine glands to produce more hormones, and of course maintain more muscle mass. Increased muscle mass helps produce more androgens which help men and women maintain sexual function. Being and feeling more fit is also correlated to more interest in and ability to carry out sexual activity.

5. Decreased risk for depression/improved mood

It is a fact that people who exercise consistently have a lower incidence of depression. Regular aerobic exercise produces endorphins. Endorphins are the feel-good transmitters, and they kick in after 20 minutes* of continuous aerobic exercise.  Circuit training is also an excellent method of boosting endorphins. Ditch the antidepressants.

20 continuous minutes is more advantageous for endorphin release that several mini bouts of exercise.

If aesthetics and a revved-up metabolism aren’t enough to keep you in the gym consistently, then these 5 benefits will do the trick.  by the way as little as three 20 minutes of focused resistance sessions and a 30-minute walk 6-7 days a week is enough to fit the bill. Heck, you can have waking lunch dates to clear our head or talk to your bestie.  Check out this post for recommendations on entertainment in the gym or during your walk.


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