Episode 101: Addicted to Stress? Why It’s OK

We often see the world as being binary- black or white, good or bad, but the truth is that most things in life exist on a continuum. There are a lot of points in between the extremes of black and white [a lot of shades of gray for example] Stress is no different. Stress exists in our life along a continuum. It’s not so bad to have some stress in your life as long as it’s manageable. In fact, there are many benefits to stress. There are also many benefits to learning how we can manage stress. These strategies can even help us to grow new brain cells! That is really good news for people in midlife who aspire to live better.

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Thank you so much for listening. And if you have someone in mind for a guest who has an awehttps://gratefulfitness.com/episode-100/some midlife story or experiences good, bad, or in between, reach out to me so that we can get them on and share the juicy details.

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