Episode 91: Better Sex and 11 Other Reasons to be Consistent at This

In my 20s I worked out to have a better body. In my 30s I worked out to de-stress and have a better body after delivering children. In my 40s I worked out to have stronger bones. In my 50s I worked out because I could. In my 60s I work out because I want to improve my power, strength, brainpower, and my sex life.

No matter what age you are at, working out consistently gives us so much more than weight loss and 6 pack abs.

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3 Comments on “Episode 91: Better Sex and 11 Other Reasons to be Consistent at This”

  1. Great reminders, Judy! I have changed my focus from losing weight from exercise to many of the benefits you shared. The better sleep is a big one! Right behind that is helping me to be able to keep up with my adult kids on the adventures they like me to participate in with them.

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