‘Miraculous’ Bone-Broth Recipe

In recent years, numerous foods have been pimped out as the next miracle food.  Cabbage and grapefruit were the miracle weight loss foods of my youth. Later there was the super-food era with kale as the all-star. Blueberries were going to save the world, and more recently, bone broth is being touted as a miracle food.

Let’s be realistic, miracle foods are about as effective as the fountain of youth. We can all agree to just do our best to eat real food, stay active and avoid environmental hazards.

Bone broth has not been proven to have any miraculous benefits, except for exceptionally good flavor.

Chicken stock or more popularly referred to as bone broth is delicious and readily available in our grocery store. However, the taste and texture of home simmered chicken stock is far better tasting.

Comparing store-bought broth, to homemade stock is like substituting instant coffee for Fresh brewed Espresso.

You might argue that it takes too much work. All you need 5 minutes to set it up after dinner.  Most of us waste more time than that on social media.

Making broth at home from chicken bones is as easy as plugging in your crock pot, or putting a stock pot on your stove.  The prep time is 5 minutes and simmer time is…. the longer the better.

Technically, a broth is made from vegetables and meat. A stock is made from vegetables and animal bones and slowly simmered to extract the collagen from the bones and connective tissues. Those bones are responsible for the rich flavor of the home-made stock.

Superior and Simple Chicken Stock


Bones and connective tissue only from 1 chicken, (a rotisserie chicken or parts are fine. )

4 quarts of water

3 large carrots cut into 2-inch chunks

1 medium onion cut into 2-inch chunks

1 rib celery cut into 2-inch chunks

1 tsp. salt

10-15  fresh grinds of black pepper.


1.Eat a chicken dinner and save the bones.

2.Dump everything in a stock pot or a slow cooker. Slow cook on low overnight or all day. If using a stock pot on the stove, bring to a boil, and immediately cover and simmer 4 hours or more.

3.Let broth cool, while you have your coffee and write in your gratitude journal.  If you skip this step your jars will crack. Strain broth into mason jars and refrigerate. A stock will keep 1 week the refrigerator or leave 15% space at top of the mason jar and freeze up to a month.

Note: Save your Thanksgiving Turkey bones and make a big batch of turkey broth.  Just double or triple all the ingredients. You may need more than one vessels to do this, depending on your equipment.

Check back here for simple delicious recipes that feature this home-made chicken or turkey stock.

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