5 Reasons Why ‘Looking on the Bright Side’ is the new Health food

Our own thoughts (positive and negative) may be even more important than we once believed when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight and physical fitness in midlife. Weird question: Do you ever talk to yourself? Who hasn’t thought out loud from time to time? With that in mind, it is super important to recognize that quantum physicists believe our … Read More

3 Tips to Live Really Well… until the End

Everyone knows that a major factor in living well depends on maintaining a healthy physique and staying active. While the diet industry appears to be helping in this manner, diet businesses are missing three important reasons that lead to failure. This has nothing to do with calories or carbs or ketones. To be really successful in adhering to healthy habits, get on … Read More

Hack: Do this to keep Motivated in the Gym and Kitchen

For the last few years, many bloggers have written annual posts about their “word” for the new year. Oh, that’s nice, I thought sarcastically while scrolling past the articles. You might think I am jumping on the bandwagon, and you might be right! Initially, I didn’t see the value in a single word as a year-long theme. But then I … Read More