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For the last few years, many bloggers have written annual posts about their “word” for the new year. Oh, that’s nice, I thought sarcastically while scrolling past the articles.

You might think I am jumping on the bandwagon, and you might be right!

Initially, I didn’t see the value in a single word as a year-long theme. But then I reflected on something that my coaching clients were benefitting from. I was asking them to use affirmative inspirational mantras ( we called them AIM) Using AIM with my clients has been a game-changer for establishing consistent fitness and nutrition habits and behaviors. Recently I got a text from a transformed client, who credited her AIM practice for having more workouts logged in our year together than the 11 years before. 

Score that a win! 

As I thought about the AIM’s that were the most notable, by notable  I mean the ones that made an impact on my clients the most. These were simple little phrases that were the most helpful in creating consistent fitness and nutrition habits. Every one of these hits on a single concept.

My Word of the Year: Worthiness. Click To Tweet

Naturally “Worthiness” became my word for not only one year, but two! Dedicating a couple of minutes a day to read and write our AIM, reinforces our “why”. Overwhelmingly our why is that we are worthy.  “I am doing this because I am worth it.” was a very popular theme with the women of Grateful Fitness.

With worthiness in mind, I came up with a list of affirmations for when you are stumped or need inspiration.

I am so excited by the transformations that are happening with using AIMs Affirmative Inspirational Mantras that I just have to share them! You can use them to get inspired and to help create your own affirmations.

Download  them here: 25 Affirmations  for Confident Women

Because YOU are worth it.

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