Cut Your Cardio in half for Double the Results

When my oldest two kids were an infant and a toddler, I would have given anything to sleep through the night.

My perspective of nighttime feedings and colic changed when the next two kids came along. I saw night time feeding as quality time. I could have done this with all the babies but, I didn’t see midnight parenting as fun during my rookie mom stage. But later, I realized that at 2 am nobody was pulling on my shirt asking me to me to read a book or make a snack. Night time feedings became special time with my infant. I spent the first few months of motherhood with my oldest wishing for a good night sleep. Looking back, it really didn’t matter, because I was up anyway.  I may as well have made a (quiet) party out of it.

A few years later, when I was in the taxi-driving-suburban-coffee-drinking-mother phase, I changed my view of driving carpool. Our car rides were focused time together, and with the amount of time my kids spent going to and from school, and sports, we had countless hours of car time. In the early years, I dreaded carpool, especially when I had to pack up little ones in car seats to get the bigger ones to practice. But when I looked at it differently, I realized that once we got home, or to school or practice, they were off doing their own thing. But car time…that was our time, and sometimes it was even family karaoke


“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Wayne Dyer is credited with often using this quote. Although he was not the first person to say it, he may be have been the most famous. He was onto something. We can always choose how to look at situations, like night time feedings and carpool. But when we change our point of view, these actions become rewarding.

What about your cardio plan?  Popular thinking, especially among younger women, is that longer is better, but studies have proved that this just isn’t true.

Many women fail at fat loss and yet they refuse to look at things differently.

Longer is not better. 

Smarter is better.

In terms of cardio,  focusing on intensity is smarter than duration. In fact the most effective cardio workouts are structured to have significant recovery periods between bursts of maximal effort. This type of workout can only be sustained for short time periods.

HIIT Training or High-Intensity-Interval-Training is the most effective cardio for fat loss.

HIIT paired that up with a personal nutrition plan and some strength training are a recipe for successful fat loss.

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