4 Tips for Managing your Stress during a Pandemic


It may be easy to feel anxious in times like these. Our thoughts can go awry in a heartbeat. As the days have gone on, I have come up with some useful ways to manage stress during a pandemic.

During a period of worldwide quarantine, people thrive on having a system to help get past the constant worry.

Relying on a few simple actions gives us direction because we always know what to do next. A daily routine also gives us a reason to get up and dressed and perhaps even put on some makeup if that is your norm.

It may seem harmless to stay up late and binge-watch TV and keep wearing the same smelly pj’s, but this will not serve you well. A better option is to keep your normal sleep-wake routine intact. If you have become a night owl cycle, ease back into your normal sleep-wake cycle. Start by going to sleep 15 minutes earlier for a few days and then another 15 minutes a few days later until you are closed to your normal circadian rhythm.

Following your natural Circadian rhythm will help in unexpected ways.

A regular rest cycle will prevent weight gain. The fact is that keeping your natural sleep cycle will keep your stress hormones at bay, and your digestive system running smoothly.  

Another important structure to keep in place is a regular meal routine. 

Make an effort to achieve an empty stomach between meals and to have a significant period of time daily without munching. Research has shown that limiting the window of hours of eating daily, benefits our digestive system and hormone balance greatly. This is called time-restricted eating and is similar to intermittent fasting.


Research has shown that limiting the window of hours of eating daily, benefits our digestive system and hormone balance greatly. This is called time-restricted eating and is similar to intermittent fasting. Share on X


Put these 4 actions to your daily routine to add structure to your days.: Workout. Walk. Wine (a.k.a. relax). Ask.



Schedule in a daily workout as an appointment.  There are literally hundreds of options online. In fact, I teach a FREE daily class at 8:00 am. These workouts are modifiable to every level from beginner to advanced. Get the FREE Zoom link here.  



Get outside for fresh air and time away from the static of electronics and bad news. On a rainy gray day, a walk is the best remedy for the blues. The only weather not conducive to walking is lightning. Otherwise, dress for the weather and get outside.


Wine (This is figurative for relaxation.)

A Daily decompression habit is essential to resetting your brain away from the rabbit hole of anxiety. It may be wine or afternoon tea, or quiet reading time or a bath.  Do the thing that cools your jets.


Ask your creator for guidance.

This could be prayer or meditation or whatever aligns with your faith. Look to your higher power for guidance, acceptance, and patience. 

In times like these, it is very helpful to review one’s core values. My number one core value is to improve the lives of others. This can be as simple as writing a thank-you note, making a phone call, or making a cup of coffee for your significant other. Although we have heard this repeatedly, we ARE all in this together.



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9 Comments on “4 Tips for Managing your Stress during a Pandemic”

  1. Great tips Judy. I have been maintaining my regular sleep and eating schedules although the foods I’m eating are different from my normal diet. I’m also trying very hard to stay on top of my fitness as I agree, it’s so important to move!

  2. Judy,
    What wonderful W’s for daily living during the pandemic!
    I do 3 out of the 4 and should meditate and pray daily too.

    You look fabulous by the way!

  3. I’m definitely going to be trying this recipe out. I’m a huge fan of fish tacos and coleslaw. Thank you Judy for continuing to give us not just the benefits of your physical fitness expertise but a total fitness for our general health and well being. So grateful to have discovered you.

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