Daily Rituals…or What We do Most of the Time is What Counts Most

Daily rituals The last 33 years, I have sampled many diet strategies with mixed results. What worked best? Following a consistent routine is what worked best. Daily rituals are behaviors that we practice routinely. We can use daily rituals to our advantage to help maintain our nutrition habits. Rituals might include- Eating at the same time every day Eat with … Read More

How to Rock Your Game Day Party Food

Buffalo Chicken Burgers… So we aren’t big “football-party” people. My husband prefers to stay home and actually watch the game. I prefer to stay home and pretend to watch the game while sitting by a fire. We do enjoy making an event out it with our own version of party food. Chicken wings were a part of our younger game day … Read More

Quick Lunch from (an almost) Bare Pantry

Broccoli, Artichoke and Roasted Pepper Salad with red onion and Toasted pita wedges This salad came together quickly one day when my pantry and fridge were nearly bare. I searched the shelves and came up with this little gem of a salad.  Now, I make sure to keep these ingredients on hand. Ingredients: Add in these veggies in any combo to … Read More

5 Big Rocks

“Big rocks first!”    We have arrived at the traditional time of year where everyone desperately seeks leanness. And so, many a diet are put to the test, and many a diet fail before the January thaw. Some of them work for a time, they eventually fail. This leaves the January dieter feeling inadequate and guilt ridden. Are some rules more … Read More


“There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs” That is great, except in the month of December. How many Decembers have you actually stayed dedicated to your exercise plan? I get it. As Moms wives sisters and daughters, we can get bogged down with holiday preparations. And before we know it we have lost our consistent … Read More

Is Keeping a Food Diary for You?

Is logging food right for you? Traditionally New Years begins the season of, fitting back into your skinny jeans. Statistics show that most people abandon their New Years diets before Valentines Day. And so bring I bring up this question: Is keeping a food diary right for you? This is more of a personal question than an argument for or against … Read More

Celebrate Your Commitments

This is the hectic week before christmas, and the rush is on to create the ideal holiday setting. This week Ed and I also celebrate our wedding anniversary. In many ways. Life long fitness is analogous to a life long happy marriage. To be successful, both require dedication and commitment. If you want each to last, you have to be … Read More

Skillet Chicken Thighs with Eggplant and Fire Roasted Tomatoes

The way I prepare meals has evolved over years. As a younger mother, I was all about learning the family recipes from my mother and mother in law. There was a good deal of comfort food especially in the colder months. Often time those recipes were detailed and very heavy. Over the years, I devised some of my own cooking … Read More

Frantic Food Anxiety and Sesame Cookies

Frantic Food Frenzy  Food can foster family and community. Food can be joyful. Food can make you feel good. But—food is not love… Food is food.  Look on the web and you will find many methods to manage holiday temptations. But consider this, copying someone else’s diet is like trying to fit into your best friends jeans. They look great … Read More