Episode 103: Female Fitness Fibs to Stop Believing Now [part2]

In this episode, we are diving into five more false fitness beliefs that are hurting your progress. If you are a woman trying to improve your body composition then you are going to want to listen to this episode. You will be so happy to learn about how to use and not misuse cardio, lighter weights, protein, and eating in a calorie deficit. We also explain how exhaustion plays a role in all of this. Hint: The good news is that being exhausted all the time is not the goal.

Thank you for listening and for more information on strategies to manage your eating to honor yourself and never punish, book a nutrition call here.

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2 Comments on “Episode 103: Female Fitness Fibs to Stop Believing Now [part2]”

  1. Interesting info about the US food label and I do believe in getting enough protein. I eat mostly chicken and fish and it certainly helps with energy and muscle building. Enjoyed your podcast.

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